The Yoda Bill is the bill in the US Congress H.R. 862  that will insure that manufacturers can not make a product obsolete or prevent the resale of a product by with-holding the software that is essential in making the product work.  We support that idea. Sponsored by:  Representatives Blake Farenthold (TX), Jared Polis (CO) and Thomas MacArthur (NJ).  says: The need for YODA comes about because of the fact that we typically don’t own software. Instead, we simply license it pursuant to terms handed down by a company via the internet — that’s why many people are surprised to learn they don’t actually own the iTunes songs or Kindle books they buy, but are instead using them at the pleasure of Apple and Amazon. Electronic Frontier Foundation says: Bill Introduced ...
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Breaking News- AscdiNatd Awards Representative Paulsen Defender of Free Enterprise Award

Today in Eden Praire, MN AscdiNatd Past Chairman Neil Vill and Board of Director Jennifer Larson awarded Congressman Erik Paulsen its prestigious Defender of Free Enterprise Award ...
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Politico says US Library of Congress is Listening to AscdiNatd

We are making headway.  Several years ago legislators never heard from the small and medium size companies that make up our membership.  Things have changed.  A few months ago we met with the US Library of Congress and explained to them how some manufacturers were using software to control the repair, modifications and/or aftermarket of their equipment. In our world we call that software "microcode" or "machine code." Well, maybe they heard us.  We'll see this week.  In the meantime, please enjoy this news story from Politico that was published today.  And please Support us by coming to Austin and Berlin in 2016. Joe Marion AscdiNatd President   Feds to hand down rules for software tinkering  By Nancy Scola and Alex Byers  10/26/2015 06:33 PM EDT  The Librarian of Congress is poised to issue a sweeping set of ...
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How the DMCA is turning ownership into ‘loanership’

The following piece was co-authored by R Street Innovation Policy Director Mike Godwin and was originally posted on the website. During the Great Depression, farm-equipment giant John Deere Co. famously refused to repossess tractors it had sold to American farmers who were having difficulties keeping up with their payment plans. In a particularly ironic illustration of just how much that spirit of bonhomie has evaporated in the decades since, John Deere today asserts that it is the real, rightful owner even of the agricultural technology modern farmers have already purchased in full. According to company lawyers, those who try to repair their own tractors, which sometimes requires tinkering with the software that makes them run, may be breaking the law. In recent startling comments to the U.S ...
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IPR and Trade: A Perspective from the Tech Reseller and Service Market

            The Owners’ Rights Initiative (ORI) is an organization of over 20 companies and trade associations, including independent resellers, library associations and the eCommerce platform eBay – all of which are dedicated to the simple, fundamental principle that if “you bought it, you own it”, and should have the right to sell, lend, or give away your personal property.  That fundamental principle is the bedrock of any trading system.  Therefore, it must be a guiding principle of these negotiations if we are to have any meaningful trade liberalization between the U.S. and the EU.  Policies that violate that principle must be addressed and the EU’s regional trademark exhaustion rule is such a policy.             The EU grants trademark owners the perpetual right to block imports of ...
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On Doing the Right Thing

Sometimes doing the right thing comes easy, sometimes it takes a lot of courage and sometimes you just have no choice. For 35 years, the AscdiNatd had done a good job identifying those companies who were ethical in our industry.   If you wanted to find a quality IT reseller or service company, you had to look no further than the AscdiNatd.  We provided an on-line trading platform and meetings around the globe.  We were THE place you could find good resellers and good products and that was our mission in life. Sometime after 2008 things changed.  It started with a Cornell student from Thailand who wanted to sell text books and was sued by the book publisher.  A case that made its way all the way to ...
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