Gold Membership Benefits

  • Meetings
    • 1 free ticket to every ASCDI meeting
    • 50% discount on two additional tickets for attendees from sponsor’s company
    • Branding opportunity at 4 events
  • Website
    • Link from ASCDI Website to your site
    • Company profile on the ASCDI Website
  • Company advertisement with logo in 4 monthly newsletters
  • Special Gold Member Logo to display on your web site and in advertising
  • $8,400 a year or $700 a month
  • PLUS All Standard Membership Benefits*


  • Discount from non-member rate on meeting attendance
  • $50.00 per month discount on ASCDI Equipment Trading Network
  • Ability to file unlimited ethics complaints
  • Information on companies that violate the ASCDI Code of Ethics
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Opportunity to attend trade missions
  • Instant Fraud Alerts- Be alerted when someone is “scamming” our industry
  • Counterfeit Updates- Receive counterfeit indicators
  • Display the ASCDI logo on your web site
  • Access to the ASCDI Legal Database- Your source of legal templates
  • Mind Sharing- Members portal to communicate with Members
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