Meetings – Education/Networking

Meeting other technology resellers and service companies is the best way to learn and grow your business. To facilitate that networking and education, the ASCDI has held conferences around the world since our inception.

What better way is there to learn about the latest ideas in the technology resale and service industry than to meet in a business/social environment with companies that deal in IBM, HP, SUN/ORACLE, CISCO, AVAYA/NORTEL, SIEMENS, ALCATEL, ADTRAN and other VOIP and NETWORKING EQUIPMENT. 

We traditionally hold two meetings a year in the United States, one in Europe and one in Asia. The energy and excitement from one of our meetings in places like Key West, New York, San Diego, Amsterdam, Singapore is like nothing else you will ever experience.

And once you go to one, you will never miss it again.

Our meetings are filled with social activities along with a mix of education/break-out sessions. Imagine a morning sitting down with the best of the best in the technology resale/service industry discussing “Best Practices” followed by an afternoon pub-crawl through the streets of New York, and you will have an idea about our meetings. Or picture a late morning training session on “How do use the ASCDI Equipment Trading Network” followed by a gala beach party on a private beach in Miami.

We provide the “who, what and where” you need to get it done.

Past Meetings

Prior to March 2014

Boston 2014

San Diego 2015

Lisbon 2015

Pictures from a lot of meetings!

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