Glacier Consulting helps organizations with R2, ISO 27001, ASCDI Podcast

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

Glacier Consulting helps organizations with R2, ISO 27001, ASCDI Podcast, We have a niche in R2

“We are a business development consulting company,” says Michael Hutchcraft of Glacier Consulting. “We have a niche in R2 and the related certifications management system certifications, so we’re we are heavily involved in used electronics, whether we’re talking mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or wearables like watches.” Glacier helps their clients implement maintain and build management systems required to offer these certified services. “I do R2 about 50 to 60 hours a week. It is my specialty. It’s my passion of what I work in.” Hutchcraft explains how he helps his clients make the most of opportunities in front of them, while doing the right thing, by keeping many products in service and avoiding landfill.

Glacier Consulting is a new member of the ASCDI. In this initial podcast, we learn about Glacier Consulting and how Glacier Consulting is already partnering with the ASCDI community. We also learn about the company’s offerings to the larger IT community.

“ASCDI offers so many things. We could probably have a podcast just on what that offers,” adds Hutchcraft.  In keeping with long standing ASCDI community traditions, Hutchcraft tells us that his door is always open to other members.

Glacier Consulting helps R2 ISO 27001

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