Be it in the U.S. or EU, the ASCDI is prepared to sponsor and support legislation that protects the rights of consumers, end-users, independent resellers and technology service companies. We believe it is our responsibility to fight our hardest for what we feel is fair and right. If not us, who? Future generations or resellers depend on us. It takes many battles before one wins a war and it is because of the support of our members that we are there to do what is right.

Over the years, we have supported several bills in the US Congress which will enshrine the rights of owners and resellers. Those bills include:

You Own Devices Act (YODA); a bill before the house which seeks to uphold consumers’ right to resell products.

Fair Repair Bill – a New York Consumer Act to amend the general business law, in relation to the sale of certain diagnostic and repair information systems

In the EU, we are asking the EU Digital Trade office to support our request to open the EU borders for the importation of equipment. We urge you to support that effort by contacting your EU MP and asking them to contact the EU Trade Negotiator in support of that effort.

Fair Repair Bill – a Minnesota Act, also known as HF 1048 in the House and SF 873 in the Senate, requires manufacturers to provide owners and independent repair businesses with fair access to service information, security updates, and replacement parts.

Mission Statement

The ASCDI is a worldwide association representing companies that provide IT and Telecom hardware, software, maintenance services, leasing services, business solutions, technical support and value added services, whose mission is to:

  • Promote a viable and independent IT and Telecom reseller industry.
  • Promote and enforce high ethical standards of business conduct within the industry.
  • Promote legislation that encourages free markets.
  • Create forums to promote the exchange of ideas among its membership, the industry and manufacturers.
  • Provide educational and promotional opportunities to enable its membership to grow.
  • Represent and promote its members to the IT and Telecom user community, manufacturers, government agencies, other associations and the media.
  • Provide, from time to time, those services that the membership sees fit.

Position Statements and actions by the Legislative Committee

The ASCDI focuses our efforts directly and through other organizations on effecting Legislation that promotes a free, fair and open market for the resale, import and export of technology equipment and services.

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