The Association of Service, Communication, Data, and ITAD Providers is a not for profit association of companies that buy, sell, service, and recycle computer, telecom, and other technical equipment and solutions. In the year 2000 the ASCDI, CDLA, DDA, ECLAT and ITRA merged into one global IT support, leasing and sales organization. In 2012 the NATD merged in as well. Today we are known as the ASCDI.

Our roots date back to the 1970’s in the United States when several companies came together to form the organization. Today the association boasts hundreds of member companies from around the globe. Our 360+ Member companies range from small privately owned companies to large publicly traded ones. Click here to see a list of current Members.

Our organization created the first industry Code of Ethics, which has become an Industry standard for reputable companies.

We represent and promote our members to end users, manufacturers and government agencies, provide forums which promotes the exchange of industry ideas among the membership, assist our members in becoming the vendor of choice for their customers and provide educational and promotional assistance to enable the membership to grow its customer base.

The ASCDI is leading the fight on behalf of honest resellers worldwide on the issues surrounding counterfeit, import restrictions, resale restrictions, software transfer and right to repair just to name a few. You will frequently find us meeting with legislators in Washington and Brussels, filing briefs with various courts and meeting with regulatory agencies around the world in order to protect the rights of resellers.

Member companies can take advantage of the online Equipment Trading Network at a discounted price, access our online history of Ethics Complaints, use our logo to show customers that they have been admitted to our exclusive association, attend our global conferences at a discount, access our legal database of documents and more.

We are not the easiest association to join. We do not accept just any company who pays, but rather require references and a proven track-record. If you are interested in finding out more about the ASCDI, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Joe Marion
ASCDI President

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