Insights into IoT: Internet Of Things

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Nikhil Vyas on June 15, 2017 In this fast moving world with a lot of technical advancements and innovations, Internet of Things can provide a better experience for customers and growth in revenue for businesses. It has been forecasted that 50 billion devices would be connected to the IoT platform… Read More

Untethered: Life Beyond the Smartphone

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Sandeep Kishore on June 13, 2017 The conversation went something like this: “I’m working from home today. I need to prepare for a speech tomorrow so I need things quiet today.” “Want me to turn your notifications off until the end of the workday?” “Yes. Wait, turn them all off… Read More

Major Symmetrix EoSL – Three months to go

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When EMC announced the retirement of several Symmetrix storage products (VMAX SE, VMAXe, and VMAX 10K), many CTOs will have immediately come under pressure from their account exec to upgrade. As is often the case, OEM demands to remain on the upgrade cycle are as much to do with propping… Read More

Zensar CEO: Going 100% digital, in 12 month

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Another day, another digital transformation story. But Zensar’s particular narrative might be onto something. Thursday, June 8, 2017  ITWeb Africa Sandeep Kishore has an interesting view on what plagues modern business. He delivered this view quite eloquently in the 2016 annual report of Zensar, the IT services company the Silicon Valley… Read More