• Please fill out the Application below and submit to us for membership.  
    • Full membership includes a discount on our Equipment Trading Network, discount on attending our meetings, Ethics Alerts, Fraud Alerts, Regulatory Updates and the use of our Member logo on your website to show the world that YOU qualify for ASCDI Membership.
    • If you are an ITAD, as an ASCDI Member your company information will be listed, free of charge on
    • Dues are $108, $300, $700 or $1400 a month (depending on your choice of membership) and can be paid monthly via credit card or annually via check, wire transfer or credit card.  You can see the benefits of each membership category here.
    • There is a one time membership equity fee of $500.  The fee which will be refunded should your membership application not be approved.
    • After we receive your application, we perform a background check and submit your application to our Membership Committee, Board and the Membership for a vote.  Once your application is approved we will invoice your membership.
    • By submitting this Application, you are agreeing to abide by the Code of Ethics. Click here for more information on the Code of Ethics. Those found guilty of the Code of Ethics face disciplinary action, non-admission and/or expulsion from the Association. By submitting an application you are agreeing to waive all legal remedies you may have against the Association or its Members for such action.
    • Applicants understand that membership in the Association is to be based upon the information submitted and that any inaccurate information may be cause for suspension or expulsion from the ASCDI.
    • Only approved ASCDI Members are authorized to use the ASCDI Member Logo or any other such representation of membership for reasonable promotion of their company.
    • ASCDI Members must be approved by the ASCDI for use of  the ASCDI Certified ITAD Logo or any other such representation for reasonable promotion of their company.
    • If you are an accredited ITAD and wish to be listed on, please upload proof of your accreditation(s) from ADISA, E-Stewards, R2, RIOS and/or NAID for EACH location you have earned accreditation. 

    Apply For Membership

      Ownership- Please list all owners and their percentage of ownership if not a public company:

      Please list two member companies as references below (MEMBERS LIST. Please let your references know that we will be contacting them. If you do not know any member companies, please send us two trade references:

      Please tell us about your business. Are you a Used Equipment Dealer, ITAD service provider, Manufacturer, Authorized Dealer for a Manufacturer, Leasing Company, Tech Services Company? Which products/services do specialize in?

      If you are an accredited ITAD (ADISA, e-Stewards, R2, RIOS or NAID) and are approved for membership in the ASCDI, you can also be listed on, by completing the information at

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