Black Box Earned Coveted Wireline Subagent of the Year Award from Verizon Partner Network

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Blog, Member News

DALLAS, TX – March 18, 2024 – Black Box®, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions and consulting services worldwide, is excited to announce a major achievement in its pursuit of excellence and innovation. The company has been honored with the prestigious Wireline Subagent of the Year Award at the Verizon Partner Network Recognition Program 2023 as a testament to its relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and a customer-first philosophy in the ever-evolving domain of IT.

The Wireline Subagent of the Year Award is a hallmark of excellence within the Verizon Partner Network, designed to honor partners who demonstrate outstanding capability in delivering Verizon’s comprehensive wireline solutions. These solutions, encompassing internet, voice, and data services, rely on advanced wired technologies, such as fiber optics and copper wires to provide unparalleled connectivity and performance to both businesses and consumers. Black Box has been recognized for its exceptional adeptness in blending Verizon’s wireline solutions seamlessly into its extensive service portfolio, thereby significantly enhancing connectivity, reliability, and the overall customer experience.

This esteemed accolade is given to recipients who excel across a spectrum of criteria, including outstanding sales performance, exemplary customer service, innovative solution development, and adeptness in addressing intricate customer needs with technical prowess and collaborative finesse. Black Box’s accomplishment in these areas not only showcases its dedication to delivering superior value to its customers but also solidifies its status as a leading IT solutions provider and a trusted partner for companies aiming to enhance their wireline infrastructure.

“Our partners are an integral part of the fabric of our success, and we’re excited to recognize their incredible accomplishments,” said Mark Tina, Channel Chief and Vice President of Indirect Partner Sales for Verizon Business. “The work they do is driving innovation every day, and we’re proud to collaborate with the smartest minds in the industry and use this platform to celebrate their work.”

Sanjeev Verma, President and CEO of Black Box said, “This recognition from the Verizon Partner Network underscores our dedication to leveraging innovative IT solutions and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. It highlights our successful partnership with Verizon and our collective efforts to empower businesses with state-of-the-art wireline technology solutions. We are excited to continue this journey, fostering technological advancements and enabling our clients to achieve their IT objectives.”

About Black Box

Black Box® is an esteemed provider of cutting-edge IT solutions and consulting services, delivering unparalleled technology solutions and expertise to a global clientele. With a commitment to innovation, comprehensive knowledge, and a customer-centric approach, Black Box is dedicated to bridging people, ideas, and technology to solve real-world business challenges. Offering a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions, services, and products, Black Box ensures secure, seamless connectivity and collaborative experiences for businesses across diverse sectors worldwide.

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