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Instant drill down from IT Service Dashboards to Netflow for faster Time to Resolution

Austin; TX, October 3, 2012 – Zyrion Inc., a leading provider of Cloud and IT Monitoring software solutions for MSPs, announced that it has added multi‐tenant Netflow integration to its’ fault & performance monitoring platform.

Netflow & sFlow are network protocols for collecting IP traffic information. Traffic analysis at the network level allows for “last mile” troubleshooting in distributed applications, such as response delays between inter‐computer queries. While some enterprise monitoring platforms have loose netflow integration, this is the first multi‐tenant Netflow module for the MSP industry.

“We find the multi‐tenant Netflow functionality extremely useful in troubleshooting end‐to‐end services for our customers”, said Luke Johnson, Vice President of Services at Netelligent, a Zyrion MSP partner. “The seamless integration and drill down from a high level service view to a Netflow analysis screen within Traverse has greatly reduced the mean time to restore for our customers”, he added.

The netflow integration module allows completely independent, distributed netflow collectors to be configured and managed using a single console. The multi‐tenant design of this netflow module is essential for Managed Service Providers to provide a single console for managing all their customer networks and automatically relating the netflow data for each customer to their application performance.

“By adding a multi‐tenant Netflow monitoring module, Zyrion is offering a compelling value proposition to Managed Service Providers”, said Dennis Callahan, Senior Enterprise Software Analyst at 451 Research. “Service Providers need monitoring tools that support their distributed and diverse customer base, and can provide performance metrics on multiple customer instances through a single console.”

“Our Managed Service Partners are moving higher up the stack and monitoring complex distributed applications for their customers”, said Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion Inc. “By integrating our fault and performance monitoring platform with Netflow and similar packet based solutions, they get a seamless and instant drill down from high level performance dashboards to packet based netflow data for troubleshooting. This has a direct impact on the mean time to recover for IT services”.

The multi‐tenant Netflow module is available and shipping for the Zyrion Traverse MSP monitoring software.

More at www.zyrion.com

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