Zensar to host Digital Foundation Services (DFS) Virtual Analyst and Advisor Conclave

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Blog, Member News

DFS is the reference architecture for businesses to successfully meet their aspirations for Enterprise 4.0

Westborough, MA – August 7, 2020: Zensar, a digital solutions and technology services company that specializes in partnering with global organizations on their digital transformation journey, announced that it will be hosting its inaugural Digital Foundation Services (DFS) Virtual Analyst and Advisor Conclave on August 18, 2020.

The event is designed to introduce the analyst and advisor community to Zensar’s DFS services that is enabling customers to transform their IT core as well as build for the future. Digital Foundation includes full stack, cloud-first, AI-driven and experience centric solutions that uniquely deliver digital business outcomes such as faster time to market, work from anywhere and lower capex.

Sandeep Kishore, CEO and MD, Zensar commented, “A digitally transformed enterprise can remain relevant, open for business as well as grow in any kind of situation. The global pandemic has clearly underlined the importance of an agile, digital business that can mitigate organizational and industry challenges and help enterprises survive, recover and grow. In this event we look forward to sharing examples of how we have helped transform businesses for our customers through our digital and cloud technologies.”

Harjott Atrii, Executive Vice-President and Global Head, Digital Foundation Services, Zensar said, “In the enterprise 4.0 era, the disruption in the businesses model is driving the need for an agile, adaptive, intelligent infrastructure strategy for delivering success. We have partnered with some of the leading global brands  to help them be relevant by bridging the gap between their business aspirations and IT reality using Digital Foundation Services. In our conversations with customers, we see companies reaping the benefits of our outcome-centric, hyper agile foundations backed by proven solutions that leverage automation, artificial intelligence and cloud. We look forward to interacting with the attendees and sharing our best practices with them.”

This virtual event will comprise of detailed solution sessions, interactive panel discussions with Zensar’s senior executives, and case study stories showcased from client guests; all delivered as an immersive and insightful experience. The attendees are a group of influential analysts and advisors who will join in from across the globe.

Learn more about Zensar’s Digital Foundation Services at https://www.zensar.com/digital-foundation-services.

More at www.zensar.com.

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