Zensar launches integrated Digital XDR as a Service to counter new and emerging threats

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Blog, Member News

Solution Combines Threat Detection, Hunting and Prevention Capabilities for Infrastructure/IT Landscapes

Princeton, NJ – February 1, 2021 – Zensar, a leading digital solutions and technology services company, announced the launch of its integrated Digital XDR (extended threat detection response) solution as part of its Digital Foundation Services offerings. Due to the continued rise in remote working, there is a marked increase of security and risk threats to enterprises globally. Zensar’s XDR solution provides organizations with adaptive expert intelligence and threat prediction capabilities by prioritizing the business risk tailored to their environment.

Ajay S. Bhutoria, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Zensar commented, “A key takeaway of the pandemic is an increase in connected digital workspaces. Our clients must adapt to this increase at a much faster pace than they are able. We safeguard our clients’ business by providing customized, timely solutions. Our DFS offerings enable, secure, and accelerate this process. Our latest offering, Digital XDR, has been successful in global implementations by creating a more secure way of working. This helps our clients remain resilient, effective, and goal-driven at all times.”

Commenting on this announcement, Harjott Atrii, Executive Vice-President and Global Head, Digital Foundation Services, Zensar said, “The threats to our clients are constantly evolving, and companies struggle to safely manage remote networks. Due to increased trends of a hybrid model of remote and in-office working, security frameworks must be intelligent, adaptive, predictive, and integrated across all providers. Our XDR solution has displayed success for our clients, providing detection and response through a single pane of glass view across security layers, significantly enhancing disaster recovery strategies. XDR allows our clients to adopt a more resilient security stance.”

Zensar’s XDR as a Service is a fully managed service model combining scalability with a strong and secure hosted service that can be delivered within hours, providing fast detection and response against factors including Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and Indicators of Attack (IoA). XDR also provides contextual, actionable alerts through a single pane of glass, offering a prioritized view of cybersecurity risk profile and compliance status; as well as identifying incidents that pose the biggest threat. This offering eliminates the need for expensive hardware appliances and provides usage-based threat detection and hunting services, and generates audit reports allowing clients to pay based on OPEX. As part of the offering, clients typically receive a custom playbook and industry-specific relevant use cases and threat intelligence information with built-in hunting capabilities.

Key benefits of Zensar’s XDR offering include:

  • A predictive approach helps mitigate the unknown. We estimate that unknown threats are 10% of overall threats in enterprises but can be the most difficult to detect.
  • AI and analytics tools combined with predictive intelligence can better detect abnormal behavior in the environment.
  • Proactively hunts for threats and raises the alarm before attacks occur.
  • Reduces noise by combining alerts and providing better real-time contextual and intelligence information to make faster, improved decisions.

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More at www.zensar.com.

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