Zensar featured in ISG’s 2020 Digital Case Studies Book

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Recognized for innovative digital transformation outcomes

San Jose, CA – July 9, 2020 – Zensar, a leading digital solutions and technology services company specializing in partnering with organizations across industries on their digital transformation journey, announced that is has been recognized by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, for the important role Zensar played in two case studies featured in the 2020 ISG Digital Case Studies Book, Scaling Digital: 25 Stories of Innovation.

The ISG Digital Case Study Book is a compilation of 25 top case studies showcasing digital excellence, innovation and client success. The two cases featured describe Zensar’ s work with a U.K. based global oil & gas major and a South Africa based global leader in vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions. Zensar enabled both clients to reach their digital transformation initiatives successfully.

Commenting on the same, Sandeep Kishore, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Zensar said, “We have been focused on helping our global customers create compelling business outcomes by leveraging the inherent advantages offered by digital technologies. Our work is helping the customers featured in this exclusive compilation by ISG, clearly outlines our expertise in building robust, outcome driven digital strategies for these companies that have been able to transform their customer experience driving business growth.”

Paul Reynolds, ISG partner and chief research officer, commented, “We received compelling customer success stories of digital transformation from many companies, and the ones we chose to showcase in our e-book displayed ingenuity, innovation and inspiration. Zensar’s case studies demonstrate the value created for its customers with clear goals, processes and visible business impact.”

Each of the digital transformation case studies published in the book was evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness: The provider’s ability to help its clients think beyond the obvious in digital transformation and design the abstract.
  • Complexity: Obtaining success while driving the design and delivery of complex digital solutions.
  • Impact: The net business impact the transformation delivered to the end client.
  • Commitment to Client Success: The provider’s commitment to the success of its clients, as demonstrated through flexibility, collaboration, investments or commercial innovations.

More details on the case studies as below:

Case study 1

A global oil and gas major that worked with Zensar to transform their fleet management platform. The customer desired to move towards providing superior customer experience in a B2B context. To deliver on this commitment, the customer envisioned creating a mobile technology enabled customer-centric fleet management portal.

To bring this platform to market, Zensar and the customer team worked collaboratively to reimagine the entire end-to-end user journey covering design, development, integration and delivery to multiple customers across 39 markets.

Today, this solution is an enterprise solution with various features, modular components and localized configuration designed to enhance customer needs.

The key benefits included a decrease in time to market and cost to serve while increasing revenue concurrently.

Case Study 2

This company is a South Africa-based corporation recognized as the global leader in vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions. Its Fleet Management System, which is core to the company, was built on older technology. Zensar enabled the company to achieve customer centricity truly by developing and deploying a next-generation fleet management system. The new solution enabled enriched vendor and customer interfaces across several new business processes, and rules that could be well integrated with multiple other systems. Zensar also created multiple new intellectual properties in delivering this engagement, such as a configurable rule engine and region-specific report engine.

The solution was deployed globally across multiple locations. It has enabled the customer to embark on a digital transformation journey. The high availability and on-demand scalability of the new system resulted in significant infrastructure cost savings for them.

About ISG
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More at www.zensar.com and www.rpggroup.com.

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