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Expansive access to 80+ Carrier Hotels in Tier 1 markets via a simple cross-connect

LOUISVILLE, Colo. – July 10, 2012 – zColo, a Zayo Group Company, announces the launch of Metro Interconnect, a new product offering extending the reach of its data center customers in large metro areas.  The product launch is in conjunction with the close of AboveNet, an acquisition Zayo Group completed on July 2nd, 2012.

Metro Interconnect enhances zColo’s Interconnection-focused strategy by using Dark Fiber cross-connects to extend a customers’ reach from zColo sites to major in-market carrier hotels and data centers.  Traditional colocation service providers deliver an in-suite connectivity “ecosystem” that is constrained as it supports access only to the networks and customers present within the building. zColo’s Metro Interconnect offering however, extends the “ecosystem” beyond the facility to the major traffic exchange locations in a given market.

zColo’s Metro Interconnect extends access beyond the 1,000 cloud, financial, content, IP and carrier networks accessible within zColo buildings and delivers nearly ubiquitous in-market access to more than 90 Carrier Hotels and data centers across 10 Tier 1 US metro markets.

zColo’s recent entry into the Chicago market with its 600 South Federal site build demonstrates the value of the Metro Interconnect service.  350 East Cermak remains the dominant traffic exchange location within the Chicago market, though constrained space and power densities are driving premium costs for colocation customers.  With zColo’s colocation infrastructure service at 600 South Federal and its Metro Interconnect offering, customers can establish a physical presence at 600 South Federal and a virtual presence at 350 East Cermak through Dark Fiber cross-connects.  Customers benefit with increased power densities and lower pricing at the 600 South Federal facility while still maintaining an ability to access the services at 350 East Cermak.

“With Zayo’s dense metro fiber assets in the largest US markets, we feel Metro Interconnect is a unique offering that replaces the need for customers to maintain a physical presence across multiple data center locations,” states Chris Morley, President of zColo.  “Customers are now able to consolidate their colocation assets with a “virtual” presence across the major Points of Presence in metro markets.”

The initial Metro Interconnect launch includes 12 zColo Interconnect colocation facilities in following US metro markets: New York City/Northern New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Seattle, and Los Angeles.  zColo is evaluating a phase 2 launch targeting remaining 8 locations in other zColo markets:  Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Nashville, Memphis and Pittsburgh.

More at  www.zayo.com.

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