Zadara’s Storage-as-a-Service Available at Equinix Datacenters

by | Apr 23, 2013 | IT

Enterprise Class, Storage-as-a-Service With the Security of On-Premise IT Now Available at Equinix Data Centers in Silicon Valley and Washington, DC

IRVINE, Calif., April 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zadara(TM) Storage, the innovator in cloud block storage that brought Private Storage to the Public Cloud via Amazon Web Services, Dimension Data and other service providers, announced today that their Virtual Private Storage Array(TM) (VPSA) service is now available at select Equinix locations offering cloud providers, services providers and Enterprises co-located at Equinix, access to local, feature-rich Enterprise storage as a service, obviating the need for up front purchases and long-term commitments. Zadara will be offering direct connection to its storage service inside Equinix IBX data centers in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. Through this offering, Equinix customers are able to establish a private network connection between their IT infrastructure and the Zadara VPSA service in the same data center.

Zadara’s on-demand VPSA block and file storage solution features virtual SAN/NAS with dedicated drives, dual controllers, RAID level selection, volume-wise IO throttling, volume sharing and clustering, full performance metering, and hourly usage billing. By providing an Enterprise storage service which can be instantly created, grown and shrunk, Zadara Storage VPSA puts an end to expensive up-front purchases and scalability headaches. Moreover, Zadara Storage is built for security and data privacy, providing encryption both at-rest and in-flight, and dedicated hardware resources and network for each client.

“As more businesses look to companies such as Zadara for cost-effective, cloud-based storage solutions to offload their IT infrastructure, it’s critical that these services are offered from a secure, dynamic, and global platform as found with Equinix,” said Chris Sharp, general manager of cloud and content at Equinix. “By offering direct connection inside Equinix, Zadara offers enterprises the ability to tie directly into the Zadara service over a private network connection and avoid the pitfalls from traversing the public internet.  We are thrilled to have them as part of Platform Equinix, joining more than 4,000 companies and a rich ecosystem of more than 300 cloud service providers.”

“We are thrilled to work with Equinix to launch the first enterprise SAN/NAS storage as service using Equinix’s advanced cross connect and marketplace capability,” added Nelson Nahum, CEO and Co-founder of Zadara Storage. “Now Equinix customers, both Enterprises and Service Providers, can add SAN/NAS storage to their IT infrastructure with the price and elasticity of the cloud.”

Zadara’s VPSA is the storage of choice for demanding workloads, and designed from the ground up for provision as a service, making it ideal for cloud providers, service providers, and Enterprises alike. By combining the best of traditional Enterprise Storage (SAN and NAS) and cloud storage, Zadara Storage goes beyond cloud block storage and creates a robust Enterprise storage solution available on-demand and by the hour.

Equinix customers now have secure, private access to local Enterprise storage, with the capacity and efficiency of the cloud, and at a savings of up to 80%. Zadara VPSA is available at Equinix data centers in Washington, DC, and Silicon Valley, with future plans deploy at other Equinix data centers.

For more information on or to sign up for Zadara Storage VPSA, please contact Doug Jury at or (505) 377-0880.

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