World Data Products Inc. (WDPI) achieves ITAD certification, Podcast

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Industry News, ITAD, Member News, Podcast, Technology News

World Data Products Inc. (WDPI) achieves ITAD certification, “It was a win, win”, significant channel opportunities

World Data Products Inc. (WDPI) has achieved full ITAD certification as part of a decades long commitment to offering the best possible level of service and product solutions for their customers. In this podcast, Neil Vill, Chairman & CEO at World Data Products, Inc. tells how his company was already in the ITAD market, through acquisition of another firm. WDPI has now gone on to achieve a set of ITAD certifications. Neil tells us that the certifications reflect a responsiveness to customer needs and expand the company’s value-added services. “It was a win, win,” says Neil, reflecting on how the certification process further sharpened internal processes as well as upping the game for customers.

We learn about how ITAD matches the needs of the times in terms of data sanitization, decommissioning, and environmental responsibility. “The biggest issue is really sustainability and protecting the environment, “adds Neil. Neil tells us how the ITAD layers of certification go on to not only protect the environment, but also improve on best practices for all involved: from customers, enterprises, and consumers (whose data must be protected). WDPI is now a 100% employee-owned company. By teaming up with WDPI, channel partners can offer a special, differentiated service, that customers are asking for, and need.

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