Webinar: Introducing the 8180 Algo alerter

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Industry News

GLOBALINX is committed to supporting our agents with products and services that solve unique solutions. We’ve partnered with Algo to introduce you to the 8180 Algo alerter.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar on Wednesday, April 16th on Algo’s products and we’ll give you $299 simply for submitting a legitimate quote for any products discussed during the webinar as our way of saying thank you for attending.

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  • PoE dual SIP endpoints
  • Multiple standard ring tones
  • Supports custom recorded announcements and music or sound effect upload
  • Alerts at 106 dBA output level
  • SoundSure ambient noise monitoring automatically adjusts output volume based on background noise
  • Support for multicast receive and broadcast
  • Outputs for external speakers, slave amplifier and visual alerter


  • Simple web page interface. Single PoE network device provides SIP based alerting and/or voice paging easily managed through web interface.
  • Comfortable output levels. Ambient noise monitoring improves comfort and effectiveness for environments with variable activity such as restaurants, classrooms, and workshops.
  • Adaptable to any environment. Selectable ringtones and custom WAV files allow choice of alerts suitable to event or environment with rich sound quality.
  • Amplification for outside use. External horn speaker accessory for wet environments are many times louder than a typical telephone for alerting or paging.
  • Optional visual notification. Visual alerter option can augment audible alerting or provide silent notification for environments such as recording studios and hospitals.
  • SIP compatibility. Amplifier and line level audio outputs can be used to turn any existing speaker or amplifier into a SIP endpoint.
  • Cost effective cloning. Multicasting allows distributed alerting or voice paging using just one SIP endpoint.
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