VOSS Announces Management Capability for Cisco DX70, DX80 and 8800 Series of Devices

by | Jun 5, 2014 | Industry News, UC

Voss logoRICHARDSON, Texas (Wednesday, June 4, 2014) – VOSS Solutions today announced the ability to seamlessly integrate and centrally manage Cisco’s newly announced suite of collaboration devices and endpoints; DX70, DX80 and 8800 series.

On May 19, 2014, at Cisco Live, Cisco unveiled three revolutionary personal collaboration tools to “reimagine the way we connect with those inside and outside of organizations”. These new devices give highly collaborative workers access to all of the UC tools and applications they require, from a single competitively-priced device, making the enterprise technology ‘cooler’ than consumer devices. The announcement from Cisco is proof that the technology giant is committed to manufacturing devices that are well designed, feature-rich, easy to integrate, and easy to use.

The VOSS technology seamlessly integrates with – and easily extending support for – additional devices such as these from Cisco, ensuring that the UC management platform administers a wide scope of configuration needs as new devices come to market.

VOSS provisions the latest endpoints from Cisco; including MX700, MX800, SX10, SX80, MX200G2, and now the latest releases of DX70, DX80 and 8800 series. In fact, VOSS supports all the latest end user devices, including IP and analog phones, soft phones (e.g. Jabber), video phones, telepresence endpoints, and smart clients.

Bill Dellara, VP Product at VOSS, commented; “Cisco has made a commitment to build systems and devices that are easier to use. However this doesn’t just happen automatically. In order for technology like this to ‘plug and play’, there has to be someone or something at work behind the scenes to configure it on the network, allocate its number, link it to the user’s profile, set the class of service, align it to messaging and presence applications, etc. etc. The VOSS UC management platform has been architected to absorb the growing complexity around deploying and managing multiple devices and UC applications; automating multi-step, business workflows, taking care of service activation, and offering user-centric multi-device management. VOSS is focused on ease of deployment, helping organizations realize the Cisco vision of ‘plug and play’ devices, by automating the deployment and management of these new devices and tools.”

To find out more about VOSS UC management, please email enquiries@voss-solutions.com.

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