Vertical Communications Announces Release of Wave IP 4.0

by | Jun 11, 2013 | IT, Member News, Technology News, UC

Vertical logoApplication-rich Software Adds More “Built-In” Features and Applications that Improve Business Processes

Santa Clara, Calif., June 11, 2013—Vertical Communications®, a leading provider of business communications software and solutions, today announced the availability of the Vertical Wave IP version 4.0 software. A continuation of its highly successful Wave IP unified communications platform, Wave IP 4.0 incorporates a broad range of new capabilities, including enhanced collaboration and new native interactive voice response (IVR) applications for appointment reminders and customer surveys. Vertical Wave IP 4.0 is available through Vertical’s network of resellers and channel partners.

Among the new features and applications in Wave IP 4.0 are:

  • Embedded MeetMe Conference Rooms – Enhancing the Wave IP’s existing built-in conference bridge solution, 4.0 adds new MeetMe conference rooms for easier collaboration. Wave IP‘s MeetMe rooms provide secure conference rooms for each user and support up to 24 participants per room, with no additional licenses or infrastructure required. This standard feature is fully accessible from any endpoint or client, including Vertical’s award-winning ViewPoint desktop UC and ViewPoint Mobile clients.
  • Embedded Outbound Appointment Reminders and Customer Survey Applications – Enhancing the Wave IP’s native IVR platform (Voice Server), which offers six TTS ports of IVR per Wave IP system, Wave IP 4.0 now includes two new configurable IVR applications. Vertical’s Outbound Appointment Reminder uses data from any third-party source using a standard CSV format to automate appointment reminder calls. The Customer Survey application also uses third-party data sources to enable automated outbound survey calls. Both applications offer web-based reports that use XML for easy integration with other systems, and enable businesses to utilize these valuable tools without the need for any extra hardware, software, or service contracts.
  • Campaign Tracker – A powerful new add-on application, Campaign Tracker enables businesses to track their marketing investments without the need for costly third-party marketing tracking services. Campaign Tracker tracks calls associated with targeted print and electronic campaigns, and generates real-time reports to make it easy for businesses to monitor and adjust marketing programs on the fly.
  • OpenVPN and Native STUN Support – To enhance Wave IP’s centralized deployment capabilities and access options for remote and mobile workers, Wave IP 4.0 offers a pre-configured integration with OpenVPN, as well as native support for STUN for traversing NATs and firewalls.
  • Support for Gmail and Office 365 Email/Voice Mail Integration – Wave IP 4.0 supports TLS, enabling Gmail and O365 customers to integrate Wave IP into their work environments.
  • ViewPoint Softphone Client Now Bundled – The Wave IP’s integrated softphone is now included at no additional cost as a primary phone for any user, reducing the need for traditional handsets.

“Vertical’s Wave IP unified communications platform is highly regarded for its broad range of valuable features, tools and applications that are accessible to every end user in an organization—from the CEO, to remote salespeople, to in-house administrative staff,” said Peter Bailey, Vertical’s chief executive officer. “Wave IP version 4.0 continues our company’s vision and leadership in providing innovative technology that will have a very tangible and lasting effect on the way our customers conduct business.”

According to Bailey, Wave IP’s unique architecture, which incorporates all unified communications technologies, as well as mobility, call recording, conferencing and a variety of other features into a single integrated system, offers customers an appealing, easy-to-deploy solution to leverage the latest advances in communications technology. In addition, Vertical’s singular licensing model, which enables customers to access all of these features without having to pay additional software licenses or acquire expensive servers, encourages businesses to fully leverage the benefits of these powerful business tools to address specific operational goals, such as increasing revenue, streamlining operations, enhancing customer service and reducing costs.

“We continually see our competitors undermine the value of their solutions by charging exorbitant licensing fees, increasing management burden with non-integrated solutions with separate management interfaces and infrastructure, or offering these capabilities to only a sub-set of users,” continued Bailey. “Our overarching objective is to drive adoption throughout the organization so that every customer and user has an opportunity to improve workflow and productivity. Wave IP 4.0 advances Vertical’s mission to do just that. It enables every customer to leverage the full power of UC technologies and capitalize on the associated benefits.”


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