Velez are a Member of STIKK in Kosovo

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Blog, Member News

June 4, 2020 – Velez are delighted to have become a member of STIKK (The Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology), Kosovo’s largest tech community.

STIKK are one of the leading drivers of the ICT community in Kosovo, aiming to promote the ICT sector. At Velez, we want to support their vision of having a central role in stimulating the growth of the ICT sector in Kosovo, resulting in greater opportunities and increased competitiveness within the sector, in Kosovo and abroad.

By supporting STIKK and their plans to develop the ICT business environment through improved standards, educational opportunities and advocating with the government, we believe the sector will attract greater business and investment.

Supporting STIKK’s Vision and Objectives

Velez believe in STIKK’s vision of promoting Kosovo as a country where the ICT can be a leading sector. In order to do this STIKK have a range of objectives including; dedicating necessary funds to full time staff (allowing time for associations to become sustainable and operational), increasing the profile and organisation of the entire ICT Sector, and focusing on revenue generating activities.

STIKK also have a range of initiatives in place including TechPark Pristina, Innovation Centre Kosovo, KosICT Tech Festival, STIKK Education, Outsource2Kosovo and CBC Innovation Hub.

This is an exciting time to be supporting the ICT sector in Kosovo and Velez are excited to be supporting STIKK in their mission to invest and create further opportunities within the ICT sector.

For more information on STIKK, their vision, and their initiatives you can visit their website here.

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