Unisys Selects Kaon Interactive 3D Storytelling Application to Communicate Their Value, Shorten Sales Cycles and Increase Win Rates

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Unisys Joins Growing List of IT Companies Leveraging Interactive 3D Storytelling to Better Articulate the ‘Value’ of Entire Software and Hardware Ecosystem, Across Multiple Industries

Maynard, MA – April 13, 2015 – Kaon Interactive today announced that Unisys, a global information technology company that solves complex IT challenges by helping companies secure and keep their mission critical operations running at peak performance, has selected Kaon’s interactive 3D storytelling applications to communicate their ‘value’ in every stage of the customer engagement, across multiple industries and buyers.

A 2015 global MHI sales study revealed that in large companies, sales’ inability to effectively communicate value is the number one reason companies loose the deals they should have won. Unisys’s global sales teams and channel partners were seeking ways to crisply articulate how they added value at every stage of a customer relationship across multiple industries.

“We can now tell our value story and better convey relevant information to the right people, within the right industry, to highlight the right Unisys solution,” said Belinda Lader, global portfolio marketing at Unisys. “Kaon’s interactive 3D storytelling application allowed us to demonstrate both hardware and software in a really compelling and engaging way, giving us the tools to communicate with prospects and clients.”

The ‘Unisys Interactive Stories’ application was built by Kaon Interactive and deployed to many venues seamlessly on iPad, Android, Kindle, Website, laptop/desktop and touch screen appliances, making it extremely cost effective and universally accessible to all Unisys customers, sales teams and channel partners across the globe. At tradeshows and in their Center of Excellence, Unisys demonstrates the interactive 3D storytelling application on the Kaon v-Rack® (an interactive touch screen appliances mounted within an ACTUAL RACK), which beautifully demonstrate the digital 3D Product Models of their ClearPath Enterprise, Stealth Story and Forward! Fabric (which look and behave just like the actual product) and then very quickly allows users to transition into their unique value and holistic story.

“As Unisys builds on its rich history of enterprise computing, Kaon’s solutions will help their customers understand how their unique capabilities translate into reduced costs, improved security, improved efficiency and better agility,” says Gavin Finn, president and CEO of Kaon Interactive. “Kaon’s applications are updated in real-time (via the cloud) to keep Unisys’s interactive content relevant, creating a true strategic partnership that allows us to transform and grow together. We’re excited to help visionary companies like Unisys effectively communicate their unique value.”

About Kaon Interactive
Kaon Interactive is the leading interactive 3D product marketing application company. Founded in 1996, the company helps B2B marketers and salespeople consistently demonstrate and differentiate products anywhere anytime and turn prospects into customers. Kaon’s interactive 3D Product Models transform product marketing content into visual product storytelling experiences to deepen customer engagement, reduce marketing expenses and accelerate the sales cycle. More than 4,000 Kaon interactive applications are being used worldwide at trade shows, remote sales demonstrations, product launches, executive briefing centers, and websites by leading global product manufacturing companies including Cisco, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Schneider Electric, Ciena, IBM, EMC, BD, GE, Waters. For more information, visit www.kaon.com or call 978-823-0111. 

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