Right to Repair: ASCDI applauds Biden administration’s direction on right-to-repair

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Association News, Industry News, Policy & Law

(From Telecom Reseller)

“It’s been a long battle and though not over yet, we are getting closer,” said Joe Marion, president of the Association of Service, Communications, Data and ITAD providers (ASCDI). Bloomberg is reporting that “President Joe Biden will direct the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to draft new rules aimed at stopping manufacturers from limiting consumers’ ability to repair products at independent shops or on their own.” The Right to Repair is a major ASCDI public policy focus.

Marion said, “For years the ASCDI and our partners at Repair.org have supported and fought for the Right to Repair.” The association president added, “We have always believed the Right to Resell, enshrined in the First Sale Doctrine and the Right to Repair are two sides of the same coin.”

The executive order is expected to have a wide range of impacts, ranging from cell phone manufacturers and Defense Department contractors to agricultural machinery. It is expected to address issues concerning equipment in the technology markets, where ASCDI members and their association have been long term supports of the right to repair movement. As equipment of every kind becomes more reliant on software, or even cloud-based programming, to operate, manufacturers have been tempted to assert their propriety rights over their respective codes, to a place well within the scope of what others argue is ownership of a product.

According to Bloomberg, White House economic adviser Brian Deese said that the executive order is designed to improve competition, lower prices for households and improve US wages.

Marion thanked ASCDI members for their support on this issue and reminded the community that the work remains to be done in making “right to repair” a durable and unquestioned economic freedom, enshrined in law. The ASCDI said that their upcoming fall shows will include a focus on this topic. The group is billing their roadshow as the Fall Regional Right to Repair, Reuse and Resell Revue, that will see regional summits occurring in Minnesota, Georgia, New Jersey, and California. Marion describes Repair, Reuse and Resell as the three R’s of the industry.

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