Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP)

The ASCDI is working along with the Owner’s Rights Coalition to encourage the US and EU trade negotiators working on the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP), which will be a US-EU Trade Agreement to allow resellers and service companies to import product into the EU without requiring them to receive the trademark holder’s agreement, which is the current law. 

The current EU law hurts resellers and service companies  on both side of the Atlantic as it gives trademark holders a virtually monopoly on the resale of their products.  Support us sending us your name and zip code.  We will prepare a letter for you to email to your congressman in support of opening up Fortress Europe to resellers.  Email us at

US Customs Support

The ASCDI serves on the Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations to US Customs and Border Protection (COAC) and has retained the counsel of two of the most renowned international customs Law Firms in the world.  When you run into that import/export issue, please CONTACT US.

Anti-Counterfeit Support

Many times, companies importing into the United States run into counterfeit equipmentThe ASCDI/NATD’s goal is to eliminate counterfeit goods from the information technology marketplace.   Counterfeit goods are causing havoc with the safe and sound conduct of public and private commerce throughout the world with the potential to cause great damage and harm to life and property.  Accordingly, the ASCDI/NATD has adopted an Anti-Counterfeit Policy reflecting the dedication of all ASCDI/NATD Members to abide by the law and to maintain the highest level of integrity and responsibility toward their customers, the information technology industry and the public at large.

ASCDI/NATD Members have pledged to honor and abide by the Anti-Counterfeit Policy in order to eliminate or mitigate the impact of counterfeit information technology goods and to develop best practices and strategies aimed at identifying, inspecting, testing and properly disposing of counterfeit goods and to report encounters with counterfeit goods to law enforcement.

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