Toshiba’s “Trade Up” Promotions Provide Affordable Access to Toshiba VIPedge and IPedge Telephony Solutions

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Industry News

Toshiba logoIRVINE, Calif., Feb. 9, 2016 Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba — today announced its new “Trade Up to Toshiba” programs, enabling affordable options to trade up to Toshiba’s VIPedge® cloud-based and IPedge® IP on-site business telephone solutions.  Available through select Authorized Toshiba Dealers, the “Trade Up to Toshiba” promotion runs through March 28, 2016.

“Toshiba’s ‘Trade Up’ promotions make it even more affordable to move to Toshiba’s cloud and on-site telephone solutions,” said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division.

Toshiba is offering three “Trade Up” programs: 

  1. Trade Up to VIPedge Cloud Telephone Solution, Get Free Telephones

Trade up to Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based business telephone solution and get a free IP5531-SDL telephone for each trade-in of Toshiba’s EKT, DKT or IPT1000/2000 series telephones or select competitors’ telephones.

  1. Upgrade to IPedge On-site Telephone System, Get Free UC Licenses

Upgrade to any model of Toshiba’s IPedge on-site business telephone system and get 10 to 30 free UCedge® licenses, depending on the system model.  UCedge is Toshiba’s award-winning unified communications solution that gives users the power to communicate how, where and when they want — via smartphone, PC or tablet — and with whomever they want — via XMPP federation — by unifying their communications across platforms.

  1. Buy Five IP Telephones, Get Half Off

New and existing Toshiba customers can get half off the MSRP when they purchase five IP5000-series telephones.  Or, get 30 percent off MSRP when purchasing less than five telephones.  Toshiba’s IP5000-series business telephones improve ROI by eliminating long distance charges between locations, extending capabilities to remote locations and connecting wired and wireless systems. They are compatible with Toshiba’s VIPedge, IPedge, Strata® CIX and legacy Strata CTX platforms.

Among the Industry’s Longest Business Phone System Warranties

Toshiba offers one of the longest manufacturer’s warranties in the business telephone industry. Toshiba’s Value Plus warranty program offers a two-, three- or five-year manufacturer’s warranty on Toshiba’s IPedge systems plus up to seven-year warranties on Toshiba’s IP5000 series telephones.  Toshiba also offers up to seven-year warranties on Strata CIX business telephone systems.

Recycling of Old Systems

Systems that are traded in become the property of the Authorized Toshiba Dealer.  Authorized Toshiba Dealers are responsible for having systems recycled in a timely manner in accordance with all applicable laws, including using R2 or e-Steward certified recyclers.

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