Toshiba’s New VIPedge Cloud Business Telephone Solution Delivers Toshiba Quality, Reliability and Service for SMBs

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Toshiba Gives SMBs the Best of All Worlds in Unified Communications With a Choice of Cloud, IP or Converged Business Telephone Solutions

IRVINE, Calif., July 10, 2012 ― Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba —, today announced VIPedge, a cloud-based business telephone solution that gives users the features, functionality, quality, service and reliability for which Toshiba’s telephone systems are known, all in the cloud.  VIPedge allows companies to pay a monthly service fee—scalable to meet system size and usage needs—as an alternative to the capital purchase of an on-premises telephone system.

Together with its IPedge and Strata CIX business telephone systems, Toshiba’s VIPedge gives SMB and enterprise customers the best of all worlds with a choice of cloud, IP or converged business telephone systems. Now available from Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide, Toshiba’s VIPedge starts at an average of $29.99 per user.

“Toshiba is pleased to announce availability of its VIPedge IP business telephone solution, giving customers the best of all worlds with a choice of cloud, IP or converged business solutions,” said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division.  “VIPedge delivers the benefits of Toshiba’s on-premises VoIP solutions.  Supported by our Authorized Dealer Network with expertise in design and implementation on a cloud platform, VIPedge is a cloud solution like no other.”

VIPedge is a powerful yet affordable cloud solution that provides the quality, reliability and durability for which Toshiba is known.  Based upon the feature-rich Toshiba IPedge on-premises business telephone system, VIPedge delivers functionality above and beyond other cloud-based solutions.

“With VIPedge, Toshiba manages the entire telephone system in the cloud, so all that users have to do is answer their telephones,” added Metherell.  “VIPedge empowers users to communicate more effectively, be more cost effective, and have greater access to their customers, partners and each other.”

VIPedge Is an Affordable Cloud-based Alternative to On-premises Systems

An affordable alternative to an on-premises business telephone system, VIPedge allows companies to pay a monthly service fee—based upon system size and usage—instead of purchasing a telephone system.

Financial benefits include:

  • A low upfront cost, making it easy to get started while giving companies the ability to reduce capital expenditures;
  • Monthly service costs that are a fraction of the purchase price of an on-premises system;
  • Fixed monthly fees so companies can budget for their exact telecommunication costs;
  • No long-term lock-in to an on-premises system and/or vendor;
  • Software upgrades that are included in the monthly service fee, so there are no expenses for upgrades or software fixes;
  • No PBX equipment obsolescence since VIPedge systems are always kept up to date in the cloud;
  • Dynamically scalable cloud resources to add more users or applications as needed;
  • System administration, which is included in the monthly service fee and eliminates the need for on-site system management; and
  • Survivability, which is automatically included via the cloud.

VIPedge gives users all the advantages of a Toshiba business telephone system without having to buy it.

Feature- and Application-rich System, Supports Toshiba Endpoints

VIPedge provides all the communication tools a business needs to communicate effectively, including:

  • Complete business telephone features, including SMB features such as:
    • Placing a call on hold and picking it up from another phone; and
    • Pressing a button on a phone to put the system into night-mode;
  • Voice mail with unified messaging;
  • Unified Communications with Toshiba’s Call Managersolution for:
    • Efficient call control from a personal computer;
    • Click-to-dial, presence and instant messaging; and
    • Integration with leading CRM programs, including®, Act!®, Microsoft Outlook® and more;
  • Mobility solutions including find-me follow-me call routing;
  • Choice of endpoints, including Toshiba’s IP5000-series desk telephones, IP4100 wireless telephones, and Toshiba’s Call Manager with integrated voice;
  • Ability to personalize endpoints in order to meet the needs of each individual user; and
  • Optional international calling plans.

The Power of Choice Through a Smooth Migration Path

Toshiba provides all of the advanced telecommunication capabilities businesses need, delivered either as a monthly cloud service or as a complete on-premises IPedge system purchase.  Businesses receive similar capabilities regardless of which delivery method they choose.

In addition, businesses that start with the VIPedge service can easily migrate to IPedge systems in the future as their needs change. This enables businesses to retain their investments in Toshiba telephones and endpoints and to continue to use the same familiar features and applications.

For more information on VIPedge, visit:

VIPedge Now Available Nationwide Through Authorized Toshiba Dealers

VIPedge is available now through Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide.  For more information, call 800-222-5800; or to locate a dealer near you, visit:

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