The Path to Sustainability: How Blancco is Helping Enterprises and the Channel Mitigate the Ewaste Crisis through Data Sanitization, Podcast

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

The UN has set a target to increase e-waste recycling to 30% by 2023 – an important objective as toxic substances (such as mercury, BFR, and CFS) are found in many types of electronics and pose severe risk to human health. To put this into context, one iPhone 12 Pro 512GB has carbon emissions of 242.5 lb over its lifetime with only 13% of the emissions coming from actual usage, and the remaining footprint coming from manufacture, packaging and transportation. Enterprises and the channel have a key role to play: a Blancco study last year found that 3/4 of the world’s largest enterprises are not recycling their end-of-life IT equipment.

In this podcast, Blancco’s President of Global Strategy, Alan Bentley, and Blancco’s Christina Walker, Global Director, Channel, provide an overview of the global e-waste challenge, the link between more sustainable data management practices and the reduction of e-waste, and why the IT channel is poised to play a major role in supporting their customers’ efforts to build more sustainable businesses. 

Blancco, the standard in data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions, helps businesses adopt environmentally conscious approaches to managing end-of-life IT assets. Blancco’s data sanitization solutions eliminate the need for physical destruction of used devices that contain sensitive data. According to Blancco’s recently released ESG report, the company has securely sanitized 54.5 million electronic devices at global enterprises using its software in FY21– this translates to saving 150 million lb in e-waste and 12.4 billion lb in carbon.

Listen to this lively discussion on how your organization can support sustainability and ESG objectives with regards to end-of-life IT assets and compliance with data security standards.

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