The Light Brigade and iT Learning Solution Partner for Fiber Optic Training in Asia

by | Apr 12, 2013 | IT, Technology News, UC

Tukwila, WA – The Light Brigade and iT Learning Solution (iTLS), a Singapore-based IT training company, have signed an agreement to prepare a global workforce for the rapidly growing need of experienced fiber optic technicians and managers in the fiber optic industry. The partnership expands iT Learning Solution’s world-class IT training portfolio to include fiber optic training provided by The Light Brigade and in turn, broadens The Light Brigade’s reach into the Asia Pacific market.

“With bandwidth continuing to expand, only fiber optic technology can deliver the services vital to meet the communications needs of society. A new breed of skilled professionals is required to design, plan, install and maintain these systems so that businesses can grow,” explained Dario De Paolis, vice president and general manager of The Light Brigade. “This partnership brings the experience, reach and confidence IT managers require so they can deliver leading-edge courses that prepare their staff for real-world situations involving fiber optic networks.”

Norbert Jacobsen, vice president of APAC South/iTLS reaffirmed, “With The Light Brigade’s experience and proven track record, we are confident they can provide the appropriate training and maintain competitive standards ensuring that we have highly-skilled trained professionals knowledgeable with the most up-to-date fundamentals of fiber optic technology.”

iTLS aspires to be one of the most sought-after education companies in Asia. Operating under the Fast Lane group of companies of Germany, iTLS commits to maintaining the same level of absolute educational competency, great customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. iTLS has been delivering basic to high-end IT training in south Asia Pacific covering countries such as Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

The Light Brigade operates primarily in North America and with this partnership, plans to establish a strong presence in Asia. As a catalyst in this rapidly-evolving field of fiber optics, The Light Brigade will continue to help the communications industry advance in North America and abroad.

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