Technology Solutions Xchange Joins Convey Vendor Match

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Industry News

New Technology Industry Consortium for Master Agents & Leading MSP’s

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Technology Solutions Xchange today joined with Convey Services to offer new online vendor portals for master agents in the TSX Members’ consortium.  TSX Members is part of a growing list of master agents and telecom service providers on Convey Vendor Match, an online program that connects carriers, vendors and suppliers with agents and value-added resellers.

“Technology Solutions Xchange is an industry consortium that is attracting master agents and leading managed service providers to collaborate on expanding their portfolio of services, achieve competitive pricing, and share industry best practices,” said Bill Williams, membership coordinator for Technology Solutions Xchange. “This new organization began with five top-tier master agent groups, TDM, P2 Telecom, Telcorp International, Connectivity Source, and CTG3 and is expected to represent over independent 1,000 agents by year end.” 

“Technology Solutions Xchange brings a new dimension to Convey,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey Services. “We’ve had a long history with TDM, P2 Telecom and Connectivity Source, who joined Convey over a year ago.   The new TSX Member site is a resource for that organization to manage content, training, promotions and events. Individual master agents that join TSX Members will have their own Convey-powered sites to serve their agent network.”

Convey Vendor Match provides online portals for master agent groups and populates them with catalogs created and managed by subscribing carriers and vendors. Suppliers add content, training, promotions and events to engage agents visiting master agent sites.  There are many advertising and promotional opportunities for participating vendors through the over 30 Convey master agent portals.

Technology Solutions Xchange allows every master agent belonging to TSX to sell a vendor’s services under agreements that are maintained by other members. TSX Members can expand their product portfolio, offering a wider variety of products and services to customers.  Information about each vendor, their products and services along with training opportunities is available through the new TSX portals.

About TSX Members

Technology Solutions Xchange (TSX) Members is an association of master telecom agencies in conjunction with leading managed service provider (MSP) or value added resellers (VAR).  TSX offer agents competitive advantages by leveraging joint buying power and access to services delivered under the agreements maintained by member agencies.   Formed in 2015, Technology Solutions Xchange is led by founding members, TDM, P2 Telecom, and Telcorp International to expand its agent base in the telecom and MSP marketplace.

About Convey Services

Convey Engage is a cloud-based Business4Business (B4B) Partner Engagement Platform that hosts and delivers content, training, promotions and events to improve communication between manufacturers/vendors and their distributors and brokers. It allows suppliers to engage channel resellers with up-to-date product information and training by hosting product content and events from multiple vendors on a single managed site. Convey keeps distributors and brokers informed, to improve product sales and customer support. Convey is feature-rich, easy-to-use, and customizable.

Convey was initially launched into the telecommunications/IT master agent market. The technology is being rolled out within a number of parallel markets including property and casualty insurance, foodservice, beer & wine distribution and durable medical goods (DMG). For more information visit, or call 888-975-1382.