Taking IT equipment disposition to the next level, IQ Reseller and Glacier Consulting, ASCDI Podcast

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

R2 rapidly becoming a national standard and without it, buying used gear is severely restricted

Many companies and organizations are making proclamations of the commitment to green, environmentally friendly and community aware policies. The secondary market always offered a great deal of help in this area since the market served as a place to give IT equipment a second or third life, postponing their journey to being disposed of. Now that end of product life requires more scrutiny, more attention, security and environmental issues are front facing. Public entities, publicly traded companies and organizations of all kinds have made claims to the public, to customers and investors. Now markets are insisting on verification.

“It’s all about transparency,” says Michael Hutchcraft who is the President of Glacier Consulting. In this podcast Hutchcraft joins John Spagnuolo, Implementation Consultant with IQ Reseller to discuss R2 and trackability within the ITAD space. We learn what R2 is and why it matters. We learn why Spagnuolo believes that the ends of the excel spreadsheet as the penultimate tracking app in keeping track, is at hand. Major municipalities, hospitals and many more are saying that if you don’t have R2, you won’t be able to buy their used gear. Spagnuolo believes that we are within handful of years before R2 is needed to buy from almost any entity.

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