SMS Launches IT Equipment Sales Division to Support Client Base

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Member News

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.33.35 AMPRIOR LAKE, MN (March 23, 2015) – Systems Maintenance Services, Inc. (SMS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new IT Equipment Sales division to support clients with complete IT systems, upgrades and parts. The new division will help clients identify alternative solutions to expensive OEM-driven tech refreshes.

“Selecting low cost, refurbished hardware from SMS can help businesses accomplish objectives while minimizing risk, streamlining the refresh process and meeting budgetary goals,” said Joel Owens, SMS Executive VP Global Products & Services. “The financial benefits of N-1, N-2 or N-3 equipment supported by our hardware maintenance, parts warranties, and leasing options are incredible. We provide unbiased guidance to ensure our clients meet their goals by choosing a path that is in the clients’ best interest, now and in the future.”

In early February 2015, Gartner analysts published research about the used hardware marketplace and SMS prepared a press release to draw attention to the research. That release can be read by clicking here.

“Our IT service suite is often designed to address the latent pain points of our clients,” offered Joe Scordino, Managing Director of SMS North America. “We recognize the ‘OEM treadmill’ of regular tech refreshes and build solutions that give our clients some freedom to exercise choice, extend the useful life of their hardware assets and have greater control of their infrastructure and budgets. We also take great pride in both our flexibility and our agility.”

Owens added, “We offer a rather unique hardware reseller model in that we have a global client base for hardware maintenance and so we are often both a hardware buyer and consumer for our maintenance business. Additionally, our distributed team of expertise allows us to directly support hardware sold with either a maintenance contract or a Smart Hands solution, depending on the needs of the client. Our contracts are flexible, our warranties are flexible and we also offer leasing. Your decommissioning equipment is an opportunity to help you find fair market value, resell or securely recycle, and replace and deploy/install newer hardware with solutions that meet your business drivers.  We can handle every aspect of the transition and make the process as simple as possible.”

IT Equipment Sales highlights:

  • Convenient access to a multi-platform, multi-OEM team of experts
    • Agile resource for IT hardware
    • A quick and cost effective way to source parts, features, upgrades and complete systems such as:
      • Servers
      • Disk arrays
      • Tape libraries
      • Routers
      • Switches
      • Memory upgrades
      • Disk, tape and SAN upgrades
      • Processor upgrades
  • Expert guidance, service and support throughout IT hardware refresh and retirement
  • Accurate and fair market value assessments

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