Simon Systems Acquires ITS

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Industry News

Chaska, MN (February 24, 2017)

Simon Systems, a leader in mid to large mainframe sales, has acquired International Technical Support (ITS), a company specializing in supporting and monitoring mainframe systems.

The purchase of ITS, based in the UK, further increases Simon System’s market share in the mainframe sales and servicing space. The acquisition also improves and strengthens the presence of RSF Services Worldwide, benefitting many companies that rely on the service.

“The merger of Simon Systems and ITS will benefit customers in a number of ways, including additional technical resources, continued research and development for monitoring new generations of mainframes along with other mid to large systems platforms, and greater access to repair parts,” said David Christensen, President of Simon Systems.

“Simon Systems and ITS have had a long-standing relationship. The ITS addition was a perfect fit. We will continue to provide all the aspects of the ITS Support, with the additional resources that Simon Systems has to offer.”

About ITS

ITS provides 24 hour per day, 365 days per year RSF Call Home monitoring support for mainframe systems. Their proprietary technology facilitates 2-way secure support calls between customer systems and their on-call support team.

About Simon Systems

Simon Systems, incorporated in 1988, has become a world leader in the buying, selling, and supporting IBM large systems.

What we can provide

The merger will create an all-inclusive system procurement and service solution, empowering 3rd party maintenance providers to better compete by having the option of offering OEM compatible Remote Support Facility (RSF) to support to their IBM mainframe customers.

  • Worldwide RSF 24x7x365 services for IBM s/390-to-z/Enterprise mainframes.
  • Test and training beds for mainframe platforms from s/390-to-z/Enterprise.
  • Inventory of over 38,000 parts to support various machines.
  • IBM refurbished Mainframe processors.

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