Secondary Market Becomes A Primary Resource In A Year Of Crises

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Association News, Industry News, Podcast

According to Joseph Marion, President of the ASCDI, 2020 was the year that the secondary market became a primary resource for industry and enterprises. The US federal government and the European Union were among the entities to deem the secondary market as essential and vital. In this podcast Todd Bone, Chairman of the ASCDI, joins Marion, as they review an eventful year for the world and for the companies that the ASCDI serves. Bone points out that it was a bad year for new equipment, with supply chains disrupted and installation made more difficult with onsite restrictions. Meanwhile the secondary market products and services available from ASCDI member companies, became a critical and reliable resource for many companies and organizations. ASCDI companies were in stock on products that became unavailable elsewhere.

Marion discusses how the ASCDI reached out to more members and people than ever as seasonal in person meetings were replaced by monthly online gatherings, presentations, and more. The ASCDI took on ITAD, pushing a higher standard for going green. Looking into the future, Bone discusses the circular economy where the vision is to ultimately end waste. In the rising circular economy, once manufactured, a product is repurposed for continuous use. As we peer into 2021, the leaders see their organization as being at the center of a new economic era.


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