Podcast: Court decision might impact sellers of hardware and digital services

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Association News, Blog, Member News, Podcast, Technology News

ASCDI To Hold Webinar on US Sales Tax Issues

“What really happened is that companies that heretofore didn’t really have to give too much consideration to whether or not the sale of a piece of tech equipment to a distant state… now they have to give consideration to applying, billing, collecting and remitting sales tax, not just to their home state, but to California, South Dakota, Texas or any one of the forty-five states that have sales taxes…” says Jonathan S. Marashlian, Managing Partner at Marashlian and Donahue. In this podcast, Marashlian discusses how a recent court decision involving online retailer Wayfair could have potential impact for companies selling telecommunications and/or IT hardware and even digital services. Marashlian cautions that thirty states have already acted since the Wayfair decision. Marashlian also outlines possible impacts on exemptions.

Marashlian will be hosting the ASCDI US Sales Tax Webinar on Thursday, February 28, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST on US Sales Tax issues. The webinar is available to the public and free to ASCDI members. Registration is available here.

The CommLaw Group is a full-service telecom law firm located in the Washington, DC. One of the most challenging issues facing both equipment and services resellers are tax issues, and Marashlian’s firm has focused on making company’s in the market aware of legal changes that could impact them in terms of taxes.

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