Remade in Sweden, making things better for customers and the environment, ASCDI Podcast

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Blog, ITAD, Member News, New Members, Podcast, Technology News

“Waste Nothing”

“Some of us have, we have clients, they stretch into all continents,” says Ulf Berglund of Remade in Sweden. “This is why we also need friends in other parts to help us handle those clients when they have needs in these other areas outside of Europe.”

“We’re 20 people compared to the companies that we do business with they have usually thousands of employees and for us We need to show them that we’re a trustworthy partner trustworthy company Not just some tech guys sitting in the basement drinking coffee, you know playing games So the first thing we did when we started the company we got certified in ISO 9000, which is quality ISO 14001 for environment. We also have ISO 2701 for information security.”

In this podcast, Ulf tells us how Rename serves a core European market, while partnering with companies to serve further afield. We also learn how the ASCDI helps Remade find companies to work with and to work together on issues of shared concern for the whole industry.


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