Radware Announces ElasticScale SDN-Based Network Service Scalability Solution

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New SDN Application Scales and Programs Networks for L4-L7  Application Delivery, Improving Rollout Speed of Network Services and Efficiency of Network Service Deployments

MAHWAH, N.J., Oct. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Radware (Nasdaq:RDWR), a leading provider of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, today announced the availability of ElasticScale, a new SDN-based network service scalability solution that enables carriers and service providers to dynamically scale-out and scale-in network services throughout their networks. ElasticScale offers Radware customers a
creative and economical way to improve the speed at which they roll out additional network services, as well as improve the efficiency of their network service deployments.

Carriers and service providers are continuously challenged to scale their network capacity to support the increasing demand for consumer and enterprise connectivity. By leveraging SDN, server virtualization and cloud orchestration technologies, ElasticScale addresses this challenge and ensures that network services are performed consistently across a scaled-out network service deployment. Customers can now consistently deliver network service in an elastic demanding environment by automatically scaling network services to maintain consistent connectivity and automatically adapting to changing requirements to maintain steady service levels (i.e., performance, availability, reliability, security, etc.) through ElasticScale.

ElasticScale is the only solution in the industry to address all three aspects of network service scalability: virtual appliance provisioning, traffic distribution across virtual appliances, and acceleration of virtual appliance I/O.

Features and benefits of Radware’s ElasticScale solution includes:

—  Ultra scalable traffic steering solution (100’s of Gbps)
—  Ultra scalable load balancing solution
—  Based on industry leading, carrier grade Alteon load balancing product line
—  Support for leading hypervisors (oXen/KVM/Hyper-V/ESXi)
—  Compatible with leading SDN controllers such as OpenDaylight, Cisco XNC and NEC ProgrammableFlow
—  Seamless integration with OpenStack and vCloud Director
—  Runs over any physical SDN network equipment
ElasticScale is part of Radware’s SDN application framework that is proactively optimizing network services by programming software-defined networks. The new SDN-solution offers carriers and service providers a service scaling framework that is intended to serve as a platform on which various network services such as application delivery (ADC), web performance optimization (WPO) and web application firewalls (WAF) can be offered at a dynamic scale. Additionally, ElasticScale is a comprehensive framework that can serve as a significant milestone in service providers’ plans to adopt network function virtualization (NFV) paradigms.

“Through ElasticScale, Radware’s SDN strategy transforms the ADC and AMS from network service devices to network-wide services,” says Avi Chesla, chief technology officer, Radware. “Radware’s SDN applications use the programmability nature of SDN to transform the network infrastructure into a smarter network that is part of the service itself. Carriers and service providers gain tremendous value with ElasticScale, especially if they plan to implement NFV solutions in the

ElasticScale will typically be deployed in one of two modes: as a standalone virtual network function (VNF) that service providers can use to offer their customers ADC-derived network services, or as a VNF that enables dynamic scalability of the network services that the service providers run in their internal infrastructure.

Radware’s CTO, Avi Chesla, will present “A ‘Snapshot’ of An Application Aware Network” and highlight ElasticScale during SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday, October 17, 2013. Visit the Radware booth #11.

For more information regarding Radware’s ElasticScale and SDN solutions, visit: www.radware.com/Solutions/Enterprise/SDNServices/default.aspx

More at www.radware.com

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