QLogic Delivers 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel Solutions for Huawei Servers

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Award-Winning Technology in Huawei Servers Strengthens QLogic Momentum in Growing China IT Markets

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Dec. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — QLogic (Nasdaq:QLGC), the industry leader in Fibre Channel adapters, today announced that its award-winning FlexSuite 2600 Series 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapters are now shipping for Huawei Tecal RH Series rack servers and X Series data center servers. QLogic’s continued collaboration with Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, demonstrates QLogic’s commitment to delivering the latest, high-performance connectivity solutions to growing IT markets in China and around the globe.

Available under the Huawei brand in single-port and dual-port models, the Gen 5 adapters double the performance of previous-generation Fibre Channel storage networking solutions, allowing enterprises to improve price-performance, reduce power consumption-per-gigabit, conserve PCIe slots for other IT needs, and support more virtual machines (VMs) per server. Fully backward-compatible with 8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel storage networking solutions, Huawei Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapters provide investment protection for existing storage area network (SAN) infrastructure.

“Huawei Tecal servers are widely implemented in mission-critical environments because they deliver high performance, reliability and efficiency, and we are seeing increased adoption by Internet service providers, government organizations and large enterprises,” said Jane Li, chief operating officer, Huawei Enterprise USA. “The dramatic performance increase we see with QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapter technology allows Huawei to accelerate bandwidth-hungry enterprise
applications, resulting in fewer cables, fewer switches and easier management.”

“Our latest collaboration with Huawei helps QLogic extend its longstanding leadership position in Fibre Channel adapters and strengthen our growing presence in China,” said Vikram Karvat, vice president of marketing, QLogic. “QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapter technology provides large OEM customers such as Huawei with a competitive advantage by delivering unique features, such as port-level isolation, which increase reliability and scalable performance in our dual-port adapters.”

Huawei Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapters, powered by QLogic, are designed to tackle high bandwidth, I/O-intensive applications, such as virtualization, streaming media, online transaction processing, backup and recovery, and data warehousing where reliability is critical. The underlying driver stack in QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology is proven in more than 14 million ports shipped to enterprise data centers around the world.

QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel delivers greater reliability, security and data availability

The QLogic dual-port ASIC is designed with the company’s multi-port traffic isolation feature for greater reliability and security on dual-port models. This unique architecture, with complete on-chip CPU and memory isolation across both ports of the adapter, ensures that if one port should encounter issues, the second, isolated port will continue to function securely and without interruption. With two independent channels, I/O imbalances, error recovery or firmware updates on one port do not impact the second port. This enables the adapter to offer secure, deterministically predictive and scalable port performance and increased reliability. This is essential for enterprise data centers–assuring the highest levels of availability for mission-critical applications.

QLogic provides superior performance and scalability

QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology handles three times the transactions (1.2 Million IOPs) and double the bi-directional throughput (6000 MBps) compared to 8Gb Fibre Channel, and is 40 percent faster than 10Gb Ethernet, dramatically increasing application performance and reducing backup times in half. When Demartek, an independent research firm, generated TPC-H1 like database queries, the QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapter completed the same analytical queries in 35 percent less time than the competitive offering2.

For high throughput Tier-1 applications and high-density virtualized environments, QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapters deliver deterministically predictive and scalable performance across both ports compared to the competition. In side-by side tests3, the QLogic Gen 5 adapter delivered 85 percent more transactions when scaling from single port to dual port, a significantly better showing than the competition’s dual-port scalability.

QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel is optimized for virtualized environments

QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology provides a scalable architecture for higher density VM deployment per server while still providing full offload capabilities with increased bandwidth allocation to each VM.  QLogic Gen 5 adapters further enhance VM mobility by increasing availability to meet peak-demand workloads. QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel includes support for advanced features such as virtual Fibre Channel (vFC) in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) on a per VM basis. NPIV allows users to create virtual ports and assign quality of service (QoS) to each virtual port. Business-critical applications can be assigned dedicated bandwidth or priority, allowing
the end-user to better utilize I/O resources.

1The TPC Benchmark(TM)H (TPC-H) was used to generate database queries only. No official TPC-H benchmark results were published, and these results are not comparable to published TPC results.2Demartek QLogic 2600 Series FC HBA Evaluation, December 20123QLogic 2600 Series 16Gb Gen 5 FC HBAs Double Performance and Flexibility.

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