Pyrad International now Technogistic (tg)

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Blog, Member News

Pyrad International, an ASCDI Member announced the merger of its current multinational operation with a South African sales and logistics partner, to form a NEW, truly GLOBAL enterprise called TECHNOGISTIC.

Technogistic (tg) represents an exciting merger of the business capabilities, operations and branding of both companies.  This merger will combine its hardware offering with new global strengths and integrated technical logistics capabilities.

The new enterprise will continue to utilize its locations in Florida and South Africa, as well as other global hubs, with a comprehensive presence on 5 continents. The consolidation of this global footprint creates an opportunity for greater positioning and superior operations, by uniting the skills and resources of previously independent leaders in the industry.

The union of the two ventures will be seamless with no service interruptions to customers. With the exception of a new website highlighting tg branding and improved support, banking, addresses and company info will be unchanged.

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