Podcast: World Data delivers vital IT products as secondary market’s ability to supply stands-out in crises

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

“There’s been a spike in demand for equipment and many of the supply chains have been interrupted,” says Neil Vill, CEO of World Data Products (https://www.wdpi.com/). “Demand is booming for hardware, components and services,” adds Vill. As the COVID-19 crises disrupts global supply chains, temporarily closes Asian factories and places strain on US gear deployed in networks experiencing above normal demands, customers have turned to World Data and other companies in the ASCDI for parts, pieces, servers and much more. As secondary market companies are typically “in stock” on many items, Vill discusses how his company is in a position to meet needs immediately. In this podcast, Vill tells us about customers, in some cases, showing up in person to carry products they desperately need, a buying behavior Vill says he has rarely, if ever, seen. Vill offers us an overview of World Data, the company’s large variety of hardware for both IT and UC needs, and the firm’s related services in repair. We hear about how the firm has been able to meet heightend demand even while introducing special safety protocols to keep frontline workers safe from exposure to the virus. “The independent (IT) hardware reseller industry is considered to be ‘essential’ to the continued operation to the US economy, even under the severe restrictions that have been put in place to control this virus.” Vill sees that alternative hardware market as part of the upcoming economic recovery story and as an ongoing partner in offering companies vital equipment whenever needed.

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