Podcast: Understanding the ASCDI ITAD Certification program, powered by ADISA

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Blog, Events, Industry News, Podcast, Repair

“We have a slightly myopic viewpoint where we just focus on the physical asset, but what the clients are waking up to is, what about my data?”, says Steve Mellings of ADISA. In this podcast, Mellings discusses legacy habits from across the IT recycling community, where historically companies saw the physical IT asset as an item to resell, perhaps after some preparation, but often not with proper management and erasure of data still might reside on the equipment. Mellings defines ITAD and describes the challenge and also the opportunity ITAD holds. Mellings discusses how the ASCDI vetted his organization for bringing value to the members and how the new ASCDI-ADISA partnership was forged. “Our customer’s regulatory landscape is changing,” says Mellings. “Let’s manage risk management appropriately.” Joe Marion describes the partnership as the coming together of two organizations that strive to represent the best companies and the best practices in the space. A webinar is scheduled, free for all members, on December 4.

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