Podcast: The battery that fights viruses. Yes, fights biological viruses

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

“Antimicrobial protection, this technology has been around for a long time, mostly for medical devices,” says John Lehane Vice President of Client Services at Artisan Power. “We are the first ones to bring that technology to mobile devices: Voice over IP phones from Cisco, Spectralink, and Ascom as well as scanners and printers.” In this podcast, Lehane explains that his company uses this technology as a part of the batteries that they offer for the most popular mobility devices many enterprises use. The batteries work and are placed on the backs of these devices just as other batteries are. These batteries, however, not only function as batteries but the antimicrobial compound on the battery basically prevents viruses and bacteria from living on the surface of the phone. We learn that before he current crises, although wireless devices have proliferated in hospital use, as in other industries, most devices had no on-board antimicrobial capacity. Lehane believes that his virus fighting phones are about to become the new “world standard”.

Artisan Power is a long-term member of the ASCDI. Their factory is based in Taiwan thus designating our products as TAA-Compliant per NAFTA and Federal import regulations. Their global order fulfillment center is located in Hudson, MA.

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