Podcast: Tech Data stresses importance of utilizing alternate channels, urges users to focus on asset management to contain costs

by | May 27, 2020 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

In this podcast, Andy Yother, Director of Systems Engineering at Tech Data, discusses the importance of the secondary market and asset disposition as part of the overall product lifecycle. “I think it’s super important that we think about how you’re going to treat these assets throughout their lifecycle and that there will inevitably be a point where you must consider disposal. It’s important to know the top 10 or 15 things that you really need to avoid introducing liability, missing an opportunity, or creating a situation in which your actions are going to reflect poorly on your brand or on your name personally.” Yother dives deep into the impacts on sustainability, compliance and global operations, as well as how companies have been adapting in recent weeks to changes in the supply chain and workforce distribution.

Tech Data is a long-time member of ASCDI. Its specialized solution business, Global Lifecycle Management (GLM), provides end-to-end customer and product lifecycle management services. Leveraging its team of experts, global logistics network and the insights gained over more than 40 years of operation, GLM designs solutions to release valuable capital from their customers’ businesses so they can focus on investing in their transformation journey. Learn more at www.servicesbytechdata.com.


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