Podcast: RL Networks focuses on vital services, market’s future vitality

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

RL Networks is an Amsterdam based company offering a variety of secondary market products and aftermarket services to the IT market. In this podcast Omar Beyhum of RL Networks outlines how his company offers enterprises more value out of equipment when it comes time to retire gear and many options in between in terms of finding replacements parts and more. Beyhum also discusses ongoing issues in the after and secondary markets. Beyhum describes how many OEMs continue to spread disinformation in their effort to curtail end user access to reliable secondary market equipment, repair services and proper asset disposal. To Beyhum, the ASCDI represent much more than a place to network and grow sales. Beyhum believes that the ASCDI’s work on industry issues is vital to the market’s continued health and ultimately benefits the end user customer.

Visit https://rlnetworks.com/?lang=en



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