Podcast: Jon Toigo On Storage Today

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

Company Offers Data Management Institute

Jon Toigo is a thought leader, consultant and trainer in the IT market. In this podcast we learn about Toigo Partners and his related companies such as the Data Management Institute. Toigo outlines how his company advises and guides clients through today’s storage issues, which includes buying the right products and services for the need at hand. “I’m all about the end user,” says Toigo, relating his own experiences as an IT manager for eighteen data centers, and later working as a systems architect for a major systems integrator. Today Toigo helps end users find customized solutions and helps dealers to understand opportunities such as adding value through software defined offering on legacy equipment. Toigo discusses his support of the ASCDI and specifically how he appreciates the organization’s role in providing an ethics process and ethics standards that creates more confidence in transactions. We learn about his company’s creative training options, including many free programs. “You have to understand all of the data you have amassed,” says Toigo. We hear about Tiogo’s blog, “Drunken Data” where people can learn how to get their arms around their data and create for themselves a path forward.

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