Podcast: Customized ITAD makes a big difference

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Blog, ITAD, Member News, Podcast

According to Dave Maik, Director of ITAD Sales, Americas at Softthinks, not all asset disposition is the same. In this podcast, we learn about the value of a customized service. According to Maik, no ITAD process is built the same way and no customer need is contoured the same way. Maik walks us through ITAD and then outlines customization. As end users, major enterprises, change their labor and location needs, a major equipment and network refresh is underway. Maik wants users, channel, MSPs, and other companies who will be involved in the buying, selling and redeploying of IT and UC equipment, to understand that every customer’s need will be unique, while the need for proper ITAD will remain true for every case and situation.

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