Podcast: ADISA: Understanding Certification for ITAD

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Blog, Industry News, ITAD, Podcast

“ITAD certification is about the process, …and it certainly includes re-use,” says Steve Mellings, founder and CEO of ADISA. “Re-use is not just about money, it’s about ethics… it’s about societal ethics,” adds Mellings. In this podcast, Mellings offers an overview about ITAD certification, what certification means to the channel, users and all IT participants, and how ITAD reflects an opportunity routed in doing the right thing for all the parties involved including the previous owner, the next owner, previous customers of one of the partners, corporate integrity, regulation and societal imperatives not to poison the environment. Mellings gives us a glance at what he will be communicating as a panelist at the upcoming disposITtion conference.

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