Patton Ships IPv6-ready SIP-Trunking VoIP Gateways

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Technology News, UC

World-renowned for high quality and “set-it-forget-it” stability, Patton leads the market toward next-generation IPv6 communications, with a new series of SmartNode SIP-trunking Media Gateways.

GAITHERSBURG, MD and BERN, SWITZERLAND: Patton Electronics (—together with Patton-Inalp Networks—announced today the “futurized” new generation of IPV6-ready SmartNode SIP-trunking Media Gateways for enterprises and carrier-providers is now shipping.

New Generation. During 2006, Patton rocked the VoIP market with the SmartNode 4960 PRI VoIP gateway. Now, six years down the road, Patton rocks on. The still family-owned multinational enterprise is now shipping a whole new generation of SIP-trunking VoIP products that enable seamless transition to the next generation of Internet communication: Internet Protocol Version Six (IPv6).

Future Proof. Whether it’s IP-enabling legacy voice gear, or preserving PSTN access for IP-based voice networks, the new series of SmartNode SIP-trunking VoIP media gateways offer SMBs—and the carrier-providers that serve them—a scalable, survivable solution that is protected against obsolescence when IPv6 goes global.

Priced Right. The new generation of PRI-class SmartNode solutions for SIP-trunking applications is lower in cost, yet richer in valuable features. In addition to “future-proof” IPv6-ready hardware, the SmartNode model 49704980 and 4990 product lines offer PSTN lifeline relay for greater voice-and-data survivability and optional SIP transcoding for enhanced interoperability—plus highly-scalable models that are field-upgradeable from 30 to 120 voice channels/calls that offer more flexible growth.

“Growing businesses especially appreciate the new 30 to 120 call units,” said Tyler Delin, Product Manager for Converged-Internet Protocol solutions at Patton. “Countless visitors at all our trade show booths tell us the double investment-protection of IPv6 readiness plus license-based upgradeable call-capacity is a key factor in their selection criteria.”

Building on the three-segment approach launched last year, Patton offers each customer the ideal, best-priced solution for their specific needs. The SN4970 gateway, theSN4980 gateway-router, and SN4990 Integrated Access Device (IAD) are all designed for cost-effective SIP-trunking and unified communications. The 4980 and 4990 offer optional transcoding, which provides any-to-any protocol mediation for SIP and H.323 voice—plus G.711 and T.38 FAX

Wise Choice. Each of the three product lines is aggressively priced so carriers, enterprises, and integrators can select the ideal solution—at the best price—for their specific network infrastructure, business processes, and go-forward communications strategy.

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