Oracle Property Manager – An Introduction

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Member News

Oracle Property Manager is part of the Oracle Real Estate Management solution. You can use Oracle Property Manager to manage your properties. Oracle Property Manager provides you with tools to organize the information you use to manage major real estate tasks.

Oracle Property Manager includes the following scenarios to organize the information you use to manage major real estate tasks:

  • Lease Management
  • Space Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Integration
  • Reporting
  • Inquiry

Lease Management

Lease management is at the center of the real estate management function. With Oracle, you can control and oversee a variety of lease management tasks such as:

  • Abstracting basic lease information from lease documents
  • Modifying and amending leases
  • Calculating lease amounts
  • Creating invoice schedules
  • Exporting invoices to Oracle Payables and Oracle Receivables

Property Portfolio Management

You can use Oracle Property Manager to identify, define, and manage owned and leased property, keep records of physical features and facilities, and maintain comprehensive records of property-related data such as:

  • Geographical location
  • Tenure
  • Condition of property
  • Parties involved
  • Type

Space Management

Property Manager makes it easy to allocate space in leased and owned locations. You can specify details for the following spaces:

  • Regions and office parks
  • Buildings
  • Floors
  • Offices


Properties can be assigned to either employees or customers at any of the levels described above. With each of these assignments, cost centers or GL codes can be associated for revenue or costing purposes. The facility to record Project/Task/Organization data has also been provided. The system provides statistical information on the assignments and total occupancy at the building, floor and office levels. Query screens are provided to enquire on the assignment data at each of the levels.

Workflow Automation

During the life of the lease, certain events often require action by your Company in a timely manner. With Property Manager, you can identify those specific events and schedule the appropriate employee action.

Event Notification

Property Manager includes a Milestone feature, with which you can create milestones for key lease events, such as:

  • Lease and option expiration dates
  • Insurance payment and renewal requirements
  • Payment expirations

Integration Oracle Applications

Oracle Property Manager is integrated with other Oracle applications including:

  • Oracle General Ledger
  • Oracle Payables
  • Oracle Receivables
  • Oracle Human Resources

Standard Reporting

Property Manager provides a set of inquiry windows and standard reports. You can produce standard reports to review:

  • Lease provisions
  • Rent schedules
  • Milestone analysis
  • Cash flow
  • Space allocation and utilization

Online Inquiry

Online inquiry screens provide you with instant access to critical information:

  • Lease provisions
  • Lease amendments and edits
  • Service provider information
  • Transaction history
  • Payment and billing information
  • Location configurations and usage
  • Rentable, usable, and vacant area
  • Optimal and maximum capacity
  • Employee space assignments
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