OnviSource Announces the Software Solution to Unify the Lifecycle of Customer Transactions through the Integration and Automation of Workforce Optimization Software, Salesforce.com, and Telecom Platforms

by | Nov 19, 2013 | IT

Dallas, TX – November 19, 2013 – Today, OnviSource announced the release of Onvify, a new addition to the company’s OnviCenter suite of Workforce Optimization and Automation (WFO-A) products.  Onvify enables users to automatically, seamlessly and in real time capture, integrate, associate and exchange data between the OnviCenter suite of WFO solutions, Salesforce.com CRM, and various telecom products; requiring no additional efforts or modifications by the users.

Today’s enterprises are challenged with trying to automatically capture, integrate and exchange critical information and events related to the entire lifecycle of customer transactions when processed by three major, yet separate, segments of their business processes: telecom platforms, WFO products, and CRM software. Unification can offer a holistic and enterprise-wide view of each transaction with a single point of access to the pertinent data of the lifecycle of a transaction.  As such, a CRM record can automatically, in a single place of reference, contain the data and information related to the entire lifecycle of a transaction. This data includes the start of the transaction through telecom platforms, followed by the agents’ recorded and monitored interactions, and finally the steps in processing the transaction through the CRM software. In the absence of such unification, enterprises are forced to manually gather the dispersed information, resulting in time-consuming manual efforts, higher costs, human errors and significant deficiencies in business processes.

Onvify provides users with the ability to a) define critical pieces of information required from telecom platforms (such as Avaya, Mitel and Cisco), the OnviCenter WFO products, and Salesforce.com records, b) in real time, automatically capture all of this information, and c) store and exchange this data between the separate products in one unified location. Personnel in various functions, such as management, claims or order processing, QA, etc., can utilize Salesforce.com objects, records, reports, charts and analytic snapshots to obtain the information related to the entire lifecycle of a customer transaction. They can click on user-defined data fields in a transaction record of Salesforce.com and immediately access the associated recorded calls, WFO-related information and analytics, and telecom data associated with the transaction. Users can also perform a “click-to-run” operation in which they can directly access and run all OnviCenter capabilities right from Salesforce.com.

OnviSource is planning to provide similar unification capabilities with other products from CRM market leaders.

More at www.onvisource.com

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