Novus Named a Preferred Partner to snom and SUTUS for the Deployment of snom IP Phones to SUTUS Franchise Customers

by | Aug 28, 2012 | UC

snom Platinum Distributor to provide snom phones and support to SUTUS for bundled offering with SUTUS Business Central for the franchise industry and multi-location businesses

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (August 28, 2012) – Novus, a boutique telecommunications and IP distributor serving value-added resellers throughout North America, has been named a preferred partner to snom and SUTUS to support the deployment of snom IP phones to customers of SUTUS Business Central, an all-in-one communications and IT solution that helps franchisees boost sales, improve customer experiences, and cut costs.

snom recently announced their snom 720 IP phone is now certified for auto provisioning with the SUTUS Business Central following the completion of extensive interoperability testing. Novus, a snom Platinum distributor, is supporting the supply and distribution of a SUTUS package combining SUTUS Business Central with snom phones as an integrated solution for SUTUS franchisee customers throughout North America.

“This is a compelling turnkey communications and IT solution that allows franchisees to nurture repeatable results at multiple locations,” said Novus Managing Partner Chris Meehan. “Franchising is an exciting and largely untapped market opportunity for resellers, and these two vendors have demonstrated that by delivering an easy-to-use, interoperable solution that can be deployed seamlessly in multiple locations you can create an attractive value proposition for national retail chains as well as regional and local owners of multiple locations.”

SUTUS is a franchise communications specialist with a range of high profile customers, including the world’s leading pizza franchise brands. The SUTUS Business Central communications platform is designed specifically around the needs of franchisees and not only improves franchise location marketing and customer experience but also enhances head office insight, management and support capabilities across all franchise sites.

“Demand for our product bundled with the snom phones in the quick service restaurant franchise space has exceeded expectations. Novus is more than a distributor; they are a business partner ensuring we can meet demand and to live up to the commitments we’ve made to our customers. In our business, having a trusted partner like Novus makes all the difference,” said SUTUS Chief Operating Officer Shawn Chute.

The snom 720 IP phone is certified for auto provisioning with the SUTUS Business Central solution. One of snom’s newest, stylish models, the snom 720 targets the everyday business user, but adds advanced functionality, including more SIP Line accounts, Gigabit Ethernet ports, a wireless LAN interface and Bluetooth headset support.

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