Novus Launches New Endpoint Affiliate Program for Microsoft Partners

by | Jan 16, 2013 | UC

Initiative offers Partners the opportunity to earn supplemental income by introducing Novus to clients seeking Lync-qualified desktop phones

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (January 16, 2013) — Novus, a boutique telecommunications and IP distributor, has introduced a new Endpoint Affiliate Program designed to incentivize Microsoft Partners to work with Novus to provide endpoints for customers deploying Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice. Partners whose leads culminate in sales of “Qualified for Microsoft Lync” desktop phone systems will earn rebates for each endpoint.

“At Novus, we want to help Partners recognize new revenue opportunities related to offering Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice and provide the telephony expertise to facilitate more Lync deployments,” said Chris Meehan, Managing Partner, Novus, LLC.

Novus views Microsoft Partners’ reluctance or inability to recommend and facilitate hardware installations as lost revenue opportunities. Through its new Endpoint Affiliate Program, the company aims to lift the burden of hardware sales and support off Microsoft Partners, engaging end-users directly to provide demo units, remote training, tech support, delivery and installation (when required) of Lync endpoints. Partners will receive rebates ranging from $4 to $9 per phone, depending on the product. Partners are also encouraged to remain fully engaged in the process, to strengthen their relationship with Novus and their clients, and to expand their knowledge of endpoint options.

Eligible applicants must be authorized Microsoft Partners willing to engage Novus and participate in the process of selecting appropriate products for clients. They must also sign the Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program Agreement and submit opportunities not previously known to Novus. The company will inform participating Partners if a lead has already been registered. Novus will not share any information submitted by Partners, ensuring strict confidentiality and privacy.

Eligible devices, detailed in the Microsoft Hardware Catalog, include IP Desk Phones, Meeting Room Devices and Audio and Visual Devices (headsets/cameras). Revenues derived from labor, installation and/or maintenance, technical support and professional services associated with the endpoints is not covered under this program.

To submit leads, Partners must visit the Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program Registration page, where they can enter information about prospective customers and view the revenue schedule for endpoints. Transactions must occur within a year of submissions, unless modified or extended by Novus.

The Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program went into effect on Jan. 3, 2013, and will run throughout 2013.

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